Creating with Cricut

Hey everyone!

While any Cricut machine is an investment, there is an endless world of crafting possibilities that opens up when you buy one! Getting my first Cricut machine is what really started my journey with Coastal Design Studio. For those who are not familiar with Cricut- they create die-cutting machines that work with Cricut software allowing you to cut/print out any shape, image or text you desire! You can cut a wide variety of materials- from card stock to vinyl to leather!

If you are into crafting, I highly suggest checking out what Cricut has to offer- Click Here to visit their website!

Here are some things I created using my Cricut machine:

As you can probably notice… wood signs, t-shirts and decals are my top 3 favorite things to make lately. I am hoping the future brings me some more free time in which I can explore other possibilities using my Cricut!

It is so fun to think of all of the things you could make- and the best part is that Cricut even has their own design space software which comes fully loaded with all types of designs and step-by-step craft ideas for you to follow along with!

I am always posting my latest Cricut creations on my instagram page! Follow me to check out what i’ve been up to.

When the studio opens up in June, I will be scheduling classes that involve the use of my Cricut machine- such as custom t-shirt classes, wood sign classes and much more! Check out what we will offer on the website.

Thanks for reading guys - keep crafting!



Cara Bev