Intro to Coastal ~

Hey! Welcome to Coastal Design Studio’s blog!

First of all- I am SO EXCITED to announce I will be opening a studio in downtown Gloucester, MA this JUNE! I will be planning an opening day event so stay tuned!

I am hoping to use this blog every week to share my inspiration and the latest trends in the crafting world and also as a way to document the in’s and out’s of what goes down at Coastal Design Studio.

Hi! My name is Cara Bevilacqua- I am 23 years old and just moved from New York to Gloucester, MA this passed October. I graduated a year ago with a degree in Art Education. I went down the path to become an art teacher, but something was driving me to do my own thing. So, against all of my family’s advice (sorry mom), I quit my job, started nannying and hosting paint nights at a local restaurant in town.

An entrepreneurial spirit runs in my family so I guess it was natural that I decided to step it up from here. Just a couple paint nights here and there wasn't really cutting it for me so I went ahead and signed a lease for an art studio right in the heart of this beautiful town. Starting a business is always a risk, but its a risk I am willing to take in order to pursue my dream and share the joy of crafting with with community!

I dream to use this space as a place for the community to gather and make great memories and crafts that they will actually love and use. (Not just crappy paintings you make while drinking cheap wine and just end up taking up space in your closet.) ((No judgement - I am never one to say no to a good paint night here and there.)) What I am saying is there’s so much more to being crafty that just paint on a canvas!! And I know it is intimidating to take on DIY crafts on your own… which is why I am going to make it so easy (and affordable!) for you!

The studio will be a space for friends to have a fun night out, for kids to have birthday parties, for mothers and daughters to craft their wedding decorations together, for experienced artists to showcase their skills and SO much more. The possibilities are truly endless and I am always open for suggestions along the way. A little something for everyone will be offered at Coastal.

Coastal Design Studio is different because I am always striving to stay on top of the latest trends in crafting. It’s not just a job to me- it’s my lifestyle, and what I would be doing even if this business did not exist! I wake up every day and think to myself- what can I make today that I didn’t make yesterday. Or what can I make today that sparks joy in my life. That joy is the driving force behind this business.

I can not WAIT to share that with you.